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Garrek Stemo

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A general 4 × 4 transfer matrix implementation for Julia built for reusability, ease-of-use, shareability based on up-to-date research on the topic with full documentation and extensive tutorials.


A collection of mathematical models for curve fitting to be used with Optim.jl. Most of the models are lineshapes that I use in infrared spectroscopy. One thing I really miss from Python is the excellent non-linear least-squares minimization package lmfit, especially the way they integrate models. Models.jl is not even close to the functionality of lmfit, but works pretty well with the Optim.jl minimizer.

Other Projects

Check out my GitHub page for other projects I’m working on.

I also want to give a shout-out to Makie.jl. This is the workhorse of my research and the best plotting software I’ve ever used. The plots that it generates look good out of the box, and its GPU-powered and interactive features let me do modeling and data exploration easily. I try to push the boundaries of the interactive features of Makie and occasionally post about any rough edges and any cool things that I find on the Julia Discourse.